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天天斗牛APPBMS for 6-10S Li-ion/Li-Polymber Battery pack

size: L90*W50*T6mm

Descriptions: Leadyo Battery Co.,Ltd designs and produces battery protection circuit module,battery protection circuit board,battery management system,PCM,BMS,PCB,BMS,Gas Gauge Board,Fuel Gauge Board,Power Display Board.LCD display.

Features :
Smart Battery Systems (SBS) with Gas/Fuel Gauge support for 6S(22。2V)~10S(33.3V) Li-ion/Li-Polymer battery pack (0.8Ah-10Ah)
with I2C,HDQ Interface Communication with 5 LED 。
For 6~10 battery cells in series;


No. Test   item Criterion
1 Model PCM-L10S10-914 5-10S
2 Voltage Charging voltage DC: 42V CC/CV4.2V/1cell
Balance voltage for single cell 4.2V±0.025V
3 Current Balance current for single cell 85mA±5mA
Current consumption for single cell 20μA
Maximal continuous charging current 12A
Maximal continuous discharging current 12A
4 Over charge Protection                                         single cell Over charge detection voltage 4.25±0.025V
Over charge detection delay time 0.5S—2S
Over charge release voltage 4.05±0.05V
5 Over discharge protection                                    single cell Over discharge detection voltage 2.5±0.07V
Over discharge detection delay time 10—30mS
Over discharge release voltage 3.0±0.1V
6 Over current protection Over current detection voltage 0.2±0.015V
Over current detection current 35±5A
Detection delay time   5ms—20ms
Release condition Cut load
7 Short protection Detection condition Exterior short circuit
Detection delay time 200-500us
Release condition Cut load
8 Resistance Protection  circuitryB- TO P- ≤30mΩ
9 Temperature Operating Temperature Range -40+85
Storage Temperature Range -40+125
Over  Temperature protectiondischarge 60±5

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